Women’s Health

Comprehensive Care For Your Unique Needs At SunMed Skin & Medical

At SunMed Skin & Medical we understand that women’s health is unique and ever-changing. From adolescence to parenthood, menopause and beyond, your needs and priorities change. That’s why we offer comprehensive women’s health services tailored to support you through every chapter of your life.

Proactive Care For Women

Being on top of your health is vital for preventative care and early detection of potential health issues. At SunMed Skin & Medical we offer comprehensive checkups, cancer screenings like mammograms and pap smears and immunisations to keep you protected. Our team of doctors also specialise in family planning and contraception.

Why Choose SunMed Skin & Medical for Women’s Health?

At SunMed Skin & Medical, we understand that women’s health needs are unique and case sensitive. That’s why we offer a comprehensive, personalised experience that’s designed to empower you to take control of your wellbeing.

Addressing Women’s Specific Health Concerns

We understand the specific challenges women face throughout their lives, from menstrual issues to pregnancy to menopause. Our professional medical team at SunMed Skin & Medical provide sensitive and confidential care for conditions like endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, pelvic pain and sexual health concerns. We offer personalised treatment plans and support to help you manage these challenges and live a fulfilling life.

Women’s Health FAQs

What are the symptoms of menopause?

Common symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, vaginal dryness, mood swings and difficulty sleeping.

When should I start getting pap smears?

We recommend starting pap smears at the age of 21, even if you are not sexually active. The frequency of pap smears vary depending on your individual risk factors and medical history.

How often should I have a checkup?

Annual checkups are crucial for preventative care and early detection of potential health issues. At SunMed Skin & Medical our team of doctors will tailor a personalised visit schedule based on your age, health history and family risk factors.

What services do you offer for women’s health?

At SunMed Skin & Medical we offer a range of services for men, including: 

  1. Routine physical exams
  2. Cancer screenings 
  3. Immunisations
  4. Family planning and contraception options 
  5. Pregnancy and childbirth care 
  6. Menopause management 
  7. Treatment for chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease
  8. Mental health support

Why should women prioritise their health?

Women face unique health risks and concerns throughout their lives. Taking charge of your health through preventative care, regular checkups and addressing specific issues early can significantly improve your wellbeing and lifespan.

Where can I book an appointment?

Contact SunMed Skin & Medical Clinic to schedule a consultation. You can schedule an appointment by using our online booking system or by calling 078888888.

Still have questions?

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