Men’s Health

SunMed Skin & Medical Provides Personalised Men’s Health Care

Men face unique health challenges throughout their lives, from physical concerns like prostate cancer and heart disease, to mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression. At SunMed Skin & Medical we understand these challenges and offer a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically to men’s health needs.

 Our team at SunMed Skin & Medical offers:

  • Personalised health assessments: We assess your overall health and identify potential risks for chronic diseases common in men.
  • Cancer screenings: We provide personalised recommendations for screenings like prostate and skin cancer, crucial for early detection and better treatment outcomes.
  • Modern, minimally invasive procedures (if applicable): We use the latest technology whenever possible to ensure a comfortable and efficient experience.

Proactive Care For Men

Keeping your health in check is the key to preventing health problems and identifying them early. Our team at SunMed Skin & Medical offers personalised cancer screenings as well as tailored health assessments for proactive management of chronic diseases that are specifically male-related.

Why Choose SunMed Skin & Medical for Men’s Health?

At SunMed Skin & Medical, we understand that men’s health needs are unique. That’s why we offer a comprehensive, personalised experience that’s designed to empower you to take control of your wellbeing.

Happy mature man and his doctor using digital tablet during medical consultations.

Addressing Men’s Specific Health Concerns

We specialise in men’s health issues like erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, vasectomies, circumcision, mental health and weight management. Our medical team at SunMed Skin & Medical provides confidential care to help you achieve optimal health.

A wide range of men’s health issues are addressed by our practice, including and not limited to:

  • Weight management: Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for men’s health. We can help you develop a personalised weight management plan that includes diet and exercise strategies.
  • Mental health: Men are less likely to seek help for mental health struggles. We offer confidential counselling services to address anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.
  • Vasectomies and circumcisions: We provide these procedures in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring minimal discomfort and downtime.
  • Erectile dysfunction: This condition can affect self-confidence and relationships. Our discreet and comfortable environment allows you to discuss your concerns openly. We offer various treatment options to help you regain control of your sexual health.
  • Low testosterone: Low testosterone can lead to decreased energy, weight gain, and mood swings. We offer personalised treatment plans to restore your testosterone levels and improve your overall well-being.

Our medical team at SunMed Skin & Medical provides confidential care, helping you achieve optimal health in a supportive and understanding environment.

Men’s Health FAQs

Where can I book an appointment?

Schedule a free consultation with one of our men’s health specialists today! We can answer your questions, discuss your specific needs, and develop a personalised plan to help you achieve optimal health and well-being

What are the most common health risks for men?

Men are prone to certain health conditions than women, including: 

  1. Heart disease: this is the leading cause of death for men, often due to unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise.
  2. Prostate cancer: this is the most common cancer in men, usually diagnosed in older men. 
  3. Mental health issues: men are less likely to seek support for mental health problems like depression and anxiety which can have serious consequences. 
  4. Erectile dysfunction: common amongst men of all ages, often caused by stress, underlying health conditions or medication side effects.

What can I do to prevent prostate cancer?

While there’s no guaranteed way to prevent prostate cancer, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regular checkups can significantly reduce your risk. Eat a balanced diet, Exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight and avoid smoking. We would also recommend scheduling in a regular prostate screening from the age of 50, or earlier if you have a family history of prostate cancer.

How often should I have a checkup?

Annual checkups are crucial for preventative care and early detection of potential health issues. At SunMed Skin & Medical our team of doctors will tailor a personalised visit schedule based on your age, health history and family risk factors.

What services do you offer for men’s health?

At SunMed Skin & Medical we offer a range of services for men, including: 

  1. Routine physical exams
  2. Circumcisions 
  3. Vasectomies
  4. Prostate cancer screenings
  5. Cholesterol checks
  6. Testosterone replacement therapy
  7. Erectile dysfunction treatment 
  8. Mental health support
  9. Weight management guidance

Why should men prioritise their health?

Men tend to have higher rates of certain diseases like heart disease, cancer and mental health issues. Early detection and preventative care can significantly improve outcomes and life span.

Still have questions?

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